Saturday 9 June 2012

Taking a Baby to the Olympics

I understand that every baby must have a ticket to attend the Olympics.  I guess I was lucky that I was actually pregnant when we applied for tickets, but we didn't apply for a ticket for our unborn child, and I'm sure that plenty of ticket holders have since become pregnant and maybe had the baby already by now who weren't even thinking about a non-conceived baby needing a ticket to the Olympics.

So, this may be a moot point, but I thought I'd share my experiences taking a baby to London and if by some small miracle you had the forethought to purchase a ticket for your baby or that you even got a ticket, then you can use this information to help plan out your visit to the Nations Capitol.

I've written about travelling to London with a baby before, but I thought it would be particularly relevant for the Olympics and ideal for the "sharing" part of the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt.  I love sharing ideas and hearing about new tips for doing things that I haven't thought about before (Breastfeeding Support Groups are a great place to learn some incredible tips).

My top tips for travelling in London with a baby

  1. Wear a top that has easy access and hides stains.  If you will mainly be inside for the trip or it will be warm think about leaving your jacket at home so you don't have to lug it around all day.  (A top with a pattern will hide a multitude of stains!)
  2. Pack only the essentials such as a couple of nappies, a small bag of wipes, a onesie (babygrow), your phone, credit card and maybe a snack (I like granola bars) and a bottle of water.
  3. Seriously consider investing in a sling when you have a baby.  Take a trip to your nearest Sling Meet to try out all the different types and get expert tips on how to use them.  They are great for travel all over London because you don't have to hunt out lifts and struggle with the pushchair down long flights of stairs.
  4. Plan ahead to make sure that you know where you are going and where you may need to stop for a rest or a potty break or a meal.

I found that in the early months the sling was a lifesaver for me when travelling into London.  Ellie slept for most of the day in the sling and it left me with hands free to do almost everything I wanted to.  I also mastered how to nurse in the sling with a few adjustments which meant I could still stay on the move, catch a train etc without too much trouble, and the tail of the Maya ring sling is especially useful for covering up if you feel more comfortable that way (although beware because there is a pocket in the tail which is great for car keys but not that great when sent flying at full speed towards the baby's head).

Enjoy the Olympics from London, or your Living Room, and don't forget the hat and sun cream.

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  1. Unfortunately I didn't get tickets for the swimming which is the only thing I was bothered about. But great tips anyway for travelling to London with a baby!

  2. My top tip for on the go feeding would be to slip a muslin square into your sling too. useful for a cover up, mopping up sick(!) or drying damp benches so you can sit down and feed.

  3. Attend a breastfeeding support group, when the going gets tough they can really help!

  4. My top tip like yourself is definately invest in a baby sling especialy one that has plenty of extra material for covering up!I used to love going shopping and feeding my little girl while no one was the wiser so you dont have to worry about onlookers! plus it gives you a bit of hands free freedom too which im sure will be important when our next little girl "decides" to arrive with a toddler to entertain too lol!

  5. we never got the tickets we applied for, and good job as we now have baby number 2 :) who we discovered just after applying !

    A sling or wrap is a lifesaver when out and about especially around london and makes it much easier to get about!

    My top tip would be to find your local support/peer supporters/breastfeeding group before baby is born so you can get to know them, this makes it much easier to contact them after baby is born; faces to names and voices. It good to know you have support from people who you know and are familiar with and that you trust.

  6. They've removed the requirement for babies to need a ticket now thankfully - so there might be a lot more breastfeeding mums in attendance!

    I totally agree a sling is a must when travelling around London - we'd never get anywhere if we didn't have one.

  7. Persevering is the key! Don't give up no matter how hard it gets! Tell yr partner, your friends, your mother, mother in law , workmates... Everyone... Not to let you give up no matter how much you scream that you give up! It almost always works out in the end and it's worth it for the magical experience and bonding you get with your perfect little baby :)

  8. Try to relax - babies can feed our anxieties and so a chilled mummy = chilled baby.

  9. I have park tickets for one of the days at the Olympics. Any tips for breastfeeding in the rain? I thing i'll be baby wearing and using an umbrella

  10. Top tip would be double layer your tops, a vest with a top over so you don't get a cold or exposed tummy!

  11. my top tip is to cut the top of a cheap vest to leave a wide belt band to wear under my top, or use a bump cover left over from pregnancy that way when i lift my top my tummy is covered

  12. I don't have a top tip yet as I'm 37 weeks pregnant with my first and all questions and concerns have been addressed after a lovely afternoon/evening blog hopping reading blog posts for breastfeeding week. Thanks for the great tips

  13. Be prepared! Both before baby is born and before you settle down for each feed - get everything ready in advance.