Tuesday 11 December 2012

TEXAS here we come!

Christmas came early at the McCully house

It's getting closer and closer, we are finally going back to the US for a few weeks.  This will be the first time that Ellie has stepped foot on American soil, although she was conceived there.  We travel on Thursday with two small children all the way to Texas to see the Grandparents.  We are also excited to be meeting our new Nieces/Cousins for the first time.

I am a little concerned about the trip but know that we will survive it.  Last time we were at Heathrow we lost William as he decided to go through customs alone.  He will be staying very close to us this time and Ellie I'm sure will be worn by me for most of the trip through both airports.

I've been thinking of ways to keep the kiddies occupied on our ten hour + plane ride.  I'm sure that William will enjoy watching movies and making things (without scissors) but I'm worried that Ellie will not want to sit still for very long.  I will dress her in her cutest outfit so that at least people will smile at her as she climbs all over them and races around the first class cabin (as William did at that age).  I am wrapping presents so that we can open them on an hourly basis, and I've popped in some treats too.

This will be the first time that I am leaving the business for longer that a night, it's almost like leaving a baby behind.  My Mum has agreed to post all the packages while we are away but she will only be able to do it two times a week so shipping will be a bit slower than usual.  I want to thank you in advance for your patience and offer you free shipping until the New Year.  Use coupon code TEXAS at checkout to take £3 off your final purchase price.

I've also taken full inventory and added all of my end of stock pieces to the website at some amazing prices. I only have one or two of each so you need to be quick and lucky to be in with the chance of a bargain.  I have nursing bras in sizes 30 B/C/D, 32B, 34 C/D, 34G, 38D, 38F.  Check out my SPECIAL OFFERS page to see what is available.

I also have the offer - Buy 2 Carriwell Nursing Bras and receive a free pack of 6 nursing pads.

A few friends of mine also have some great offers at the moment so I thought I'd mention them.

Melissa from Thrupenny Bits is offering 15% off her wonderful nursing pillow which can be used as a fabulous bag after breastfeeding with the coupon code SANTA.

Lisa from Lactivist is offering everything on her website with £1 shipping over the Holiday season, some items are FREE shipping.  iPhone cases are now 50% off.

Have an amazing Holiday Season, and please comment below if you can think of anything that will occupy Ellie on the long plan flight (other than a bonk on the head, alcohol or drugs).