Friday 8 June 2012

Scavenger Hunt Day 8

Here is the round up for Day 8 of the Scavenger Hunt.  This also day 1 of the Mum-to-Mum sharing part of the Hunt where all the Mummy bloggers share their top tips for breastfeeding and save you the trouble of finding out after the baby is born.  A great place to learn more top tips is at a local breastfeeding support group, so check out where they are when they take place before the baby arrives so that you know where to go or so that you can attend before the baby gets here.

Bumps 2 Babies - The Beauty of Breastfeeding

Mama Geek - Getting Started with Breastfeeding - My Top Tips

Life, Love and Living with Boys - Breastfeeding Friendly Chester, An Update, A Guest Post AND a Competition! - A Babi-Mam Bib-Bob giveaway

Little Scribbles - Sharing

Breastfeeding in England - 8 Top Tips for Nursing in Public with a Competition to win a Moby Wrap from the School of Babywearing

Breast 4 Babies - Ten Things your Midwife or Health Visitor Never Told Me about Breastfeeding and a BoobieMilk giveaway

Diary of The Milkshake Mummy - From One Breast Friend to Another

Blooming Lovely Jewellery has joined the Hunt with their beautiful Bola Pendants

Hope these clues to finding the days Keep Britain Breastfeeding logos have not proven too difficult for you LOL!  SOme really amazing posts today, ans some great prizes up for grabs.  Read, Share, Learn, Win!

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  1. Is it just me - I can't see the School of Babywearing comp on the post about nursing tips?