Thursday 7 June 2012

Breastfeeding in London

Living in Sevenoaks, a popular commuter town, we have the luxury of being able to go into London whenever we want with minimal effort.  I must say it is a lot easier without kids, so I thought I might write a little about how I do London with a baby.

The first time I travelled into London after moving back from the US was for a night away with hubby for our anniversary.  This was an incredibly easy trip (although we both got colds after the trip) because Ellie had not been born yet and she hardly made a sound the whole trip!

A few months after Ellie was born the In-Laws came to visit and we spent a day in London visiting the London Eye and we also went on a Bus Tour.  Ellie slept practically the whole day nice and cosy in my ring sling.  In fact I don't believe she even made a sound all day.  The sling is great for a trip to London because I didn't have to worry about dropping her, I had my hands free to hold onto hand rails on stairs, and most of all I didn't have to worry about finding lifts when getting down to the underground or using steps down to the river.  We also took a taxi to the Eye and it was nice not to have to take everything off the buggy and collapse it to get into the taxi.

Karen, Ellie and William on the London Eye, June 2011

Since this trip I have been to London on a number of occasions just myself and Ellie.  Each time I have taken with me - 

  • A sling
  • 2 nappies
  • Wipes
  • A babygrow
  • A granola bar
  • A bottle of water
  • A baby cardigan
  • A toy
I put everything into a small rucksack.  Actually, my hubby just bought me an adult rucksack because I have been using my sons Lightening McQueen school rucksack.  Now that Ellie is a little older I take extra snacks to share.  I usually don't wear a coat because I get very hot and find myself carrying it all day.  I put all my valuables in my jeans front pocket and we're away!

If you decide to visit London on the hottest day of the year and then you decide to walk to Oxford Circus from Victoria Station so that you can avoid the germs of the underground, you may choose to wear a loose fitting top that has a pattern.  You may also want to get to London Victoria after 11:30am so that you miss the changing of the guards crowds.  Need I say more?

My last trip, just the two of us was to the London Baby Show at the Excel.  We had a really easy journey (except we got to Otford Station 30 minutes early), and getting around the exhibit hall was a breeze with the sling.  We also got tonnes of compliments on the sling and because Ellie is the most adorable baby girl on the planet, and Ellie loved being at eye level to flirt with all the other parents and exhibitors there, she had a ball!

Maybe I'll prove myself wrong, but I don't think I'd ever take a buggy into London now.  I see other parents struggling to lift child plus buggy up the steps of the underground while I'm running up the escalator (getting my steps in for the day) and I just can't imagine the hassle.  As Ellie gets bigger, she'll go on my back and then walk, but we'll always have the sling for if she gets tired.

Tell me your secrets of getting about with kids in London?

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  1. I don't think I'll ever do London with a pushchair if I can help it. At any rate, as you've pointed out, babies love being up where the action is.

  2. I've done it once but between the train station and my destination I only had to walk. I usually just pop Lime in her Ergo (before that the bEco Gemini) and off we are. I'd love to take a buggy because when we go we sometimes stay a night or two so I have to take loads of stuff which makes me look and feel like a donkey but it's just easier with her in the sling.


    I'd love to use one of my wraps but, and maybe I'm doing it wrong, my shoulders hurt like mad as all the weight is one them. :(


  3. I did london with my daughter in a backpack, it made things so much easier than struggling with a pushchair, and she had a great view.... she spent every tube journey trying to engage and make eye contact with grumpy commuters, very amusing :)

  4. I had to do London with a pram recently when my partner ran the London Marahon! It's was mayhem! The tubes were a nightmare to say the least and it was scarily busy :)

  5. My favourite benefit is the wonderful bond that I have with my son. He's such a mummy's boy!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. My best benefit is not having to sterelise :) its great :)

  8. Its brilliant because you are not only doing the best for your child and yourself, you are also always prepared, you cant forget anything, you cant get the temperature or mixture wrong and you dont have to walk around the house when you are half-asleep to get a night feed set up.