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Keep Britain Breastfeeding
Internet Scavenger Hunt August 1st-7th, 2015
GOAL – The decision on how to feed your baby should be an informed one.  The goal of this scavenger hunt is to inform and educate families about breastfeeding as well as providing an online platform for people to share their knowledge and own experiences during World Breastfeeding Week (1st-7th August, 2015).
PLAN – Pregnant and breastfeeding women and their family members will be invited to register
and participate in an internet scavenger hunt with the hopes of learning more about breastfeeding, sharing their experiences, winning prizes, and learning about businesses that support breastfeeding.  During the Week of 1-7 August, 2015 these participants will hunt for the “Keep Britain Breastfeeding” scavenger hunt logo which will be hidden within blogs and websites to collect points.  The points will then be used to enter different competitions going on throughout the week.  Participants who accumulate at least 50 points throughout the week will then be eligible to enter the competition to win the Grand Prize!
Each of the days of the week will be themed.  Bloggers and organizations with a passion for breastfeeding will be asked to write posts based upon the theme each day for the participants to read (Each blogger can write 1-100 posts).  Companies that sell breastfeeding products or are breastfeeding friendly will be invited to provide prizes and discount codes during the week to encourage participants to read the articles and visit the company websites.  Companies can decide to run smaller individual competitions by working with the bloggers for additional incentives to read and learn.  Each article will link to at least one company and other bloggers who are participating in the hunt.  Competitions will all be linked to an article based on the appropriate theme which can be located on the company blog or a separate blog.
A central blog will be used to list the rules as well as an entire list of all participating companies and blogs.  Participants must register at this central blog to receive updates throughout the week and be eligible to enter the competition.  Participants, companies and bloggers are encouraged to tweet and post about the hunt as much as possible to bring people to the hunt and promote their articles, competitions and discount codes.  RaffleCopter will be used as a means to do this in an organised way.

What Can You Do?
1.       Breastfeeding Friendly Companies – You must provide at least one donation for our grand prize.  You will also have the opportunity to donate additional prizes for  competitions to be held in conjunction with participating bloggers during the week.  You may also decide to have a discount code available for participants to use during the event or on a specific day during the event.  You may either promote this through your own blog or by using a blogger of your choice.  Your logo and information will be listed on the central information blog along with links to all donors and article writers and T&C’s.  In the run up to the event and during the Week of August 1-7, 2015 I ask that you promote the event by all means that you have at your disposal to build and promote interest in the Hunt.
2.       Bloggers – Each day will be themed.  You should choose to write at least one article, but you may write for as many days as pleases you.  Please choose the days that you plan to post your articles so that your posts can be shared at the correct time.  You will be provided with the logo to post on your blog entry as well as a list of websites and bloggers that you can choose to link to.  You must link to other participating bloggers and at least 1 company sponsor.  In the run up to the week of 1-7 August, I ask that you promote the event by whatever means you are able to through social media.  You may choose to run a competition and team up with one of the breastfeeding friendly companies.  You can go directly to the company or let me know you have interest in working with a company for a competition and I can pair you together.
3.       Breastfeeding Support Organizations – I would love you to promote the services that you offer to pregnant and breastfeeding women and their families, as well as provide lots and lots of facts about breastfeeding.  People like to get their information from different places.  Personal recommendations are always powerful, but we mustn’t forget that some like the hard facts.  Please use this opportunity to let the participants know all about your organization and educate them on what matters to your organization the most.  You may choose to post your articles on your own website or choose to guest post on your favourite blog.  If you are able to donate a prize that would be great but not mandatory.
4.       Other Companies – If your company is not directly related to breastfeeding but you sell products and services to families with young children and you are a small family company selling products that promote a natural approach to parenting then I would love you to participate in the hunt.  You must provide a prize for the grand prize competition and then in addition to this you can also choose to provide a discount code during the event and/or work with bloggers for additional competitions.  If you have a blog, you can also choose to write articles during the month on the theme/s of your choosing.  The company must be breastfeeding friendly.
Each company and blogger needs to be approved before being able to participate.  It would be great to have a wide assortment of bloggers and breastfeeding friendly companies represented during the month.
The Themes
Saturday 1st August - The start of my Breastfeeding Journey
Sunday 2nd August - Positive Public Breastfeeding
Monday 3rd August - How to Dress to Impress
Tuesday 4th August - Working and Breastfeeding
Wednesday 5th August - Extended Breastfeeding (past one year)
Thursday 6th August - The People Behind the Breastfeeder
Friday 7th August - The end of my Breastfeeding Journey

The themes have been left pretty open and general so that you can add your own personal flavour.  I wanted to encourage you to all think about information that would have been helpful to you and also give you a chance to share your stories. 

Once you have decided to participate in the Hunt you must email me to receive a registration form and return it to by July 30th, 2015.  Once I have received all the registration forms I will update the hunt headquarters blog and send out updates to you all.  I will also set up the rafflecopter widgets and send you the appropriate links to add to your blogs and websites.  As soon as everything is in place I ask that you use your social media connections to spread the word about the event in the run up to and during June.  Take time now to follow the official twitter account and like the official facebook page –

Thank you for reading, I look forward to working with you in June

Karen McCully
Director – BoobieMilk Ltd
“My dream is for all women to achieve their breastfeeding goals”

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