Thursday, 14 June 2012

Scavenger Hunt Day 12 & 13

Here is a re-cap of the last two days of the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt

Day 12

Life Happens so Smile - Psst... I have a Secret

Secret Life of Kate - Undercover Breastfeeder with a giveaway of a Bebe au Lait from Softbots

Breastfeeding in England - Pumping Advice from Pumping Mummy Guest Post with giveaway from Baby's First Calemdar

Diary fo a First Child - 6 Problems and Suggested Solutions for Tandem Nursing

Petra - It Doesn't Matter

Day 13

Smiling Like Sunshine - A Beautiful Breastfeeding Picture

Ponderings of a Doula - Top Tips for Breastfeeding

Tea With Felicity - My Favourite Breastfeeding Accessories

Fi Peacock - Mum to Mum Over Sharing

A New Addition - What I Wish I Had Known About Breastfeeding

My Thoughts on Things - Mum to Mum Sharing