Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Come see Me at the Bluewater Baby Show April 25-27

It's my favourite time of year again.  Ellie turns 3 this week, Easter is just around the corner, the sun has put it's hat on and it's time for the Bluewater Baby and Toddler Show!!

Baby and Toddler Show
Glow, Bluewater Shopping Centre (next to cinema)
Friday April 25th 9:30-4:30
Saturday April 26th 9:30-5:00
Sunday April 27th 10:00-5:00

My Mum and I have such a fun time each year meeting all the other exhibitors and the team that puts the show together the day before, then all of the customers that come to see us over the three days of the show.  I've done a few shows, some small and some big but I think Bluewater has a really good balance of benefits and caters for almost every need.

Bluewater is really easy to get to - Its right off the M25 below the Dartford Tunnel.  Go East on the A2 and it's right there.  Parking is completely free and plentiful.  I usually park behind M&S near the cinema.

Getting around the show - Manduca usually do a carrier loaning programme.  You give them your buggy and they give you a carrier.  It's a great way to try out a soft structured carrier and you can walk around the show without running over anyones ankles (although the carrier is not my friend when I'm fitting bras LOL).  The show is big enough to carry lots of the items you want to see but small enough so that you won't get lost and will always be in sight of the toilets and coffee cart (I also have a chair in my fitting room so just ask if you need a sit down).

We all know each other - Spending so much time with each other every year means that a lot of the stall holders know each other and we are a really friendly bunch sharing blu-tak and scissors etc.  Being local my Mum and I have the chance of getting to know lots of local Mums and Mums to be and because my Mum loves to talk to everyone you'll know my family inside out by the end of the show too.  We absolutely love meeting you all at the show.  Meeting new people, catching up with old friends pregnant with their next baby and hearing how you are getting on.

 Find BoobieMilk at J36 halfway down the far right aisle

We will be bringing a lot of new items this year and you'll be seeing some trusted products we've stocked for years.  As always I'll be taking bookings before the show starts in return for a lovely 15% discount and we will be running a lovely competition throughout the show for some lovely breastfeeding goodies.  I also have a number of free tickets for the show and will be issuing them on a first come, first served basis for those pre-booking appointments.

We will have bras fitting from 32B-42H with bands 34/36 up to a J cup.  Prices will start at just £10 each.  I also have some gorgeous nursing/teething/babywearing necklaces winging their way to me from Monkey Mama and Cherub Chews, so do stop by stand J36 to have a look at all the pretties.

I hope you all have a fantastic Easter with all this glorious sunshine and we'll see some of you at the show a week on Friday-Sunday.  Do pop by and say Hi to me and my Mum, we'll be at J36 all weekend.  Turn right as you enter the door and half way down the far right aisle you'll find BoobieMilk.  Email me to pre-book your appointment at karen.mccully@gmail.com

Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Bravado Essential Embrace™ Nursing Bra (Up to a J cup)

If you have a relatively small band size and a large cup size then I'm sure you have been having a hard time finding a great, comfy and supportive nursing bra in your size.  I've always loved the Bravado BodySilk Seamless nursing bra, it's been worn 3 times a week for the last 6 years plus (I own 3).  The BodySilk only fits up to an F so I was so glad when I found out that Bravado had designed an all new nursing bra that fits up to an HH/J cup (that's L/M if you are across the pond).

I've been wearing mine for a couple of months now and I've been fitting them for about a month, so I think now is the right time to talk about them from a user and from a fitters perspective.  Mine is a 34E/F and it's now a staple of my weekly bra wardrobe, and I'm always glad to put it on.

The Fabric - 

44% Cotton, 42% Nylon and 14% Spandex - all the benefits of a cotton fabric with the stretch from the Spandex and feel of microfibre.  This revolutionary patenet pending Bravado Dynatex™ fabric is breathable and seamless for a smooth look under clothing.  It has four-way stretch which helps it to mould to you changing breast shape. 

The Fit - 

This is a full cup nursing bra providing great coverage, keeping everything in its place.  The back panels are designed to be slimming and the wide band helps with this also.  The straps are fully extending and the band has four settings with another 3 on the free extender that comes with every bra.  The side sling allows for maximum skin to skin contact and access for nursing.  From my somewhat limited experience with this nursing bra I am finding that the band is a little snug so you may need to use the extender but this will only extend the life of the bra for you as you shrink back down and as the bra may stretch a little over time (less so if you take care of it really well).

The Support - 

As mentioned previously this nursing bra is designed to fit up to an HH/J cup (in 34/36 band sizes) with some sizes up to a 44 band without the use of wires.  What I love to see when I'm fitting a large cup bra is the band when the bra is on.  This usually means that the breast is being well supported and kept where they should be.  I'll add feedback to the bottom of this review from my customers for you to read about from a larger cup point of view.  You may also feel more at ease to know that Bravado tests their nursing clips to hold at least 60lb in weight.

The Specifics - 

The Bravado Essential Embrace™ Nursing Bra is available in 3 colours Black/Purple, White/Orchid and Chai/Almond with the second colour as piping detail at the edge of the fabric and on diamond details on the straps.  

Black/Purple, White/Orchid, Chai/Almond

The bra should be washed only up to 30 degrees on a gentle cycle and hung dry.  The sizing is a dual cup size (see the chart below) with HH/J cups only available in a 34 and 36 band size.  If you are currently a 30 band size, you may fit well in the 32 band as it comes up a little snug.

Find the Bravado Essential Embrace Nursing Bra for sale at the BoobieMilk website.  I currently stock it in black in the larger sizes, but I have more sizes on their way and I'm happy to take pre-orders for any out of stock colours or sizes as I order regularly.  The RRP is £34 but please use the code  SUPPORT for 10% off your order at checkout.

Independent Reviews - 

Vicki (13/03/14) 34HH/J
"I love it, it is so comfortable and provides really good support. I love the fact that it has a converter kit with it too (just in case it still has life left in it when you have finished breastfeeding)! x"

  "I find it really supportive. i don't feel like my boobs are too low and as the material is strong it seems to hold me in place much better than my other bras.with big boobs i've found it hard to find a bra that looks good without the support from the wire and i would definately recommend this for comfort and support! x"

Rebecca (9/02/14) 36FF/G
"My favourite bra!!"

Claire (3/02/14) 34GG/H
"Thank you so much for sending the Bravado Embrace to me. The sizing was great for me, but as I have been wearing a HH (this was GG/H) it's maybe quite generous in the cup. In saying that, the back was a very snug fit but I was able to use the enclosed extender, which worked brilliantly. This is the most supportive nursing bra I've found so far and I'm really pleased!"

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Happy New Year 2014 Breastfeeding Deals!

Happy New Year 2014!

While we are all waiting for all of the Advent Event winners to be announced I thought I would list some of the great breastfeeding product deals around right now.  Do let me know if you hear of any others.

Use coupon code BOOBIE2014 to save 20% on everything at BoobieMilk.
Great savings on nursing bras, nursing vests and accessories by Emma-Jane, Hotmilk, Carriwell, Bravado, Sportjock, Monkey Mama, Cherub Chews and Coastal Path Creations.

Use coupon code FCCB1113 to save 10% on First Curl Charm Beads at Breast Milk Keepsakes.

Monkey Mama will be having daily deals in January on her lovely Nursing and Teething Necklaces.  Like the Facebook page for daily updates so you don't miss out.

Lactivist is closing down and there are still some amazing bargains to be had on the last few organic t-shirts and hats available.

Thrupenny Bits are offering my readers an exclusive deal in January.  Save 10% by using the code BMJAN at checkout.

Breastvest are having some lovely deals on their breastfeeding vests this January.  Use code HNY2014 to save 15% throughout January.  They will also be announcing flash sales throughout the month using Facebook and Twitter, so check it out.

Close Parent are having a sale until January 5th with up to 25% off and free delivery in the UK.

 Snoob breastfeeding scarves are offering 10% off during January using code JANUARY at checkout.

Monday, 16 December 2013

KBBF Advent Event - ARDO BreastPumps UK

ARDO is a breast pump manufacturer that sells pumps within the UK and is pretty unique in that they are completely WHO code compliant.

You may wonder what the WHO code is and why it is important to be compliant?

What is the WHO code?
The WHO Code on the marketing of mother's milk substitutes protects and supports breastfeeding by determining how milk substitutes may be marketed without endangering the practice of breastfeeding. The International Code makes reference to each product which is marketed as a partial or total replacement for mother’s milk, including feeding bottles and teats. The Code does not ban the sale of such products but rather defines marketing methods and the way in which businesses operate. (International Code: Article 2). The intention is, amongst other things, to suppress advertising or other forms of merchandising to the general public (Article 5.1).

What does the WHO Code mean for ARDO?

Taking into account the fact that teats and feeding bottles may have a negative effect on the duration of breast feeding; ARDO does not offer or supply feeding bottles.

"Currently the subject of the WHO Code on mother’s milk substitutes is under intense discussion amongst experts in the field, in conjunction with producers of breastfeeding products. We wish to declare unequivocally – as a matter of company policy - that ARDO is completely committed to observing absolutely each and every WHO Code."
Marliese Pepe-Truffer
Product Manager, IBCLC

ARDO manufacture a great range of breastpumps ranging from manual pumps to hospital grade pumps.  They also have their own range of nipple cream, breast pads, milk collection containers and cold bags.  If like many women you will be returning to work with a breastfeeding baby at home you will feel safe in the knowledge that you will receive a high quality pump made by a company that cares what they sell and how they market it so that you can continue to provide amazing breastmilk for your loved one.

 ARDO Breastpumps have a fabulous prize up for grabs as part of the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Advent Event going on in December this year.  You could win an Amaryll handpump, nipple cream and pads by liking the ARDO Facebook page and finding the giveaway image (hint - it looks like the image above!).  Comment on the image by answering the question - Why have you chosen to breastfeed?


Sunday, 15 December 2013

KBBF Advent Event - Thrupenny Bits

Motherhood inspired Melissa Wyatt to devise the now award winning Thrupenny Bits Breastfeeding pillows. These are stylish and highly portable breastfeeding cushions converting to a bag when done breastfeeding.

She found breastfeeding in public to be a stressful and uncomfortable process. “What I really wanted was some sort of transportable pillow or support, that could be used discreetly anywhere I might need to feed my baby, something that didn’t scream “this is for breastfeeding!”

After doing her research she came to the conclusion that the  breastfeeding pillows already available seemed far too bulky to carry around, were severely lacking on the style front and had a tendency to slide off her lap with baby slipping down the gap.
“This is when I had my eureka moment and came up with Thrupenny Bits.”

“Having my cushions to successfully breastfeed my second son made breastfeeding a breeze, unlike with my first son. Plus all the positive feedback I’m now getting from satisfied customers is what spurs me on to keep spreading the word.”

This cushion has the unique advantage of converting to a great toddler bag. Hanging across the body it always leaves two hands free, essential when dealing with highly active toddlers!

Save 15% now by using code SANTA at checkout

Enter for a chance to win this lovely pillow by using the Rafflecopter below.  You can also enter by heading over to the Thrupenny Bits Facebook Page, liking the page and commenting on the Giveaway image highlighted there.

Throughout December there will be lots of lovely breastfeeding prizes up for grabs from lots of lovely companies.  Find out about all the prizes up for grabs here and follow Keep Britain Breastfeeding on Facebook for updates..

All competitions will end at Midday on December 24th and winners will be drawn within 14 days

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

KBBF Advent Event - JUNO Magazine

Enter for a chance to win this lovely magazine subscription by using the Rafflecopter below.  You can also enter by heading over to the Juno Magazine Facebook Page, liking the page and commenting on the Giveaway image highlighted there.

Throughout December there will be lots of lovely breastfeeding prizes up for grabs from lots of lovely companies.  Find out about all the prizes up for grabs here and follow Keep Britain Breastfeeding on Facebook for updates..

All competitions will end at Midday on December 24th and winners will be drawn within 14 days

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Monday, 9 December 2013

KBBF Advent Event - Cherub Chews

Cherub Chews are fantastic handmade nursing necklaces made in Exeter, Devon, Uk.

Each necklace is unique and designed to appeal to babies senses vision, touch, sound and allows the baby to safely play while nursing or babywearing. Great care has been taken to create a stylish, functional and versatile nursing necklace made from non toxic, eco friendly materials.

All Cherub Chews necklaces are made with EU sourced unfinished (no colour or varnish non toxic) wooden beads, crochet covered wooden beads made with organic cotton yarn , on an adjustable slip knotted cotton cord, so you can wear the necklace long or short. The beads range between 10 mm to 27 mm and the length is approx 30 cm full length.

The necklaces are designed with nursing and babywearing mothers in mind. They are attractive to little ones, beautiful and safe.

Cherub Chews were created out of a need for something for my little boy to be distracted with, while being worn and whilst feeding. I looked around at what there was on the market and couldn’t really find any that were really, me. So what happens when I can’t find something I want, well I make it.

I made myself a few necklaces to match certain outfits (well I like to match) then friends wanted me to make them one and before I knew it people were asking me where they could get one. Not only were nursing mothers wanting them, but grandmas and carers too. After making some ‘official’ prototypes for local babywearing mamas to try out there were few changes here and there Cherub Chews was officially launched in late 2013.

I love being able to be a full time mum and making necklaces when my son sleeps, I love my job(s) and love to see people enjoying my necklaces, each day I sit at my dining room table, in the heart of the countryside in Devon with a bunch of beads and create my lovlies. It’s taken me some time to source everything but I am very happy to have found European wood beads that are sustainably sourced and wooden teethers from the the UK. I hope to expand the business over time, introducing new styles and items although I’m new I plan on being around for a long time.

Cherub Chews has provided a lovely wooden teething ring necklace in gorgeous brown shades as a prize in the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Advent Event 2013.

Enter for a chance to win this lovely necklace by using the Rafflecopter below.  You can also enter by heading over to the Cherub Chews Facebook Page, liking the page and commenting on the Giveaway image highlighted there.

Throughout December there will be lots of lovely breastfeeding prizes up for grabs from lots of lovely companies.  Find out about all the prizes up for grabs here and follow Keep Britain Breastfeeding on Facebook for updates..

All competitions will end at Midday on December 24th and winners will be drawn within 14 days

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