Friday 9 December 2011

Romshed Farm - Local, Organic, Yummy!!

Before my family moved back to the UK, I was interested in sourcing organic meat in large quantities.  If you've ever seen Kate plus 8 you'll know that they often bought organic meat in bulk, by the cow or half cow.  Kate plus 8 is a reality show in the US about a family that consists of a set of twins and a set of sextuplets.  The parents have recently split very publically and hence the Kate plus 8.  Actually, I can't even remember her ex-husbands name, he was that interesting.

Anyway, when we got to Sevenoaks I was interested in finding some local organic meat and Sainsburys and Tesco just weren't doing it for me.  A google search brought me to Romshed Farm, a farm providing organic meat in a responsible way just outside Sevenoaks in Underriver.

Once you sign up on the website you are included in any emails sent out about available produce.  Our first purchase was half a lamb.  My Mum loves lamb, and the price of lamb can be pretty high.  We purchased half a lamb for £80.  We received a leg, a shoulder, a breast, neck fillets, liver and lots of chops.  I have never been a huge fan of lamb, but OMG, this lamb was delicious!!  Every time we cooked the lamb everyone was scraping every last scrap of meat from the bones.  The leg was cooked for a big Sunday family roast and was a huge hit.

At the end of the Summer Romshed Farm held a charity walk and lunch which we took part in.  The whole family walked from Sevenoaks through Knole Park and on to Underriver, 3 miles in total.  Ellie slept in the sling, William was carried a lot by Ryan, but we had a great time and the food provided at the end of the walk was phenomenal.  We also picked up a tray of free range, organic eggs for £5.

The last visit we made to Romshed farm was a few weeks ago to pick up our beef.  We could have purchased a whole or half cow as well as a whole or half pig.  We also had the choice of any cut at an individual price.  We decided on a long cook box of meat, minced beef, stewing meat and a large beef joint at a great price.  My brother chose some beef ribs and pork loin steaks.

When we went to pick up the meat I took William with me because I had been told that the piglets would be there to look at.  William loved to see the piglets and spent a long time talking to them and stroking them.  I had also told him that we were going to pick up some cow meat and he asked me if he could see the cows.  I told him that they had been killed and cut up so that we could eat it.  He asked me if he could watch (should I be worried?).

The meat is great, the service is friendly, and the price is pretty decent.  I really recommend people buy locally reared, great produce.

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