Friday 9 December 2011

Otford Playground near Sevenoaks TN14 5PQ - Dads favourite

I've mentioned before that my husband Ryan likes to take William to Otford Playground.  It's the next village over and the "Kent Village of the Year".  Otford is a large village with a beautiful village centre marked with a duck pond at the centre of a roundabout.  There is a large car park on the high street which is FREE, and the playground and playing fields are behind the car park next to the allotments and Otford Builders Merchants (my Dad is a builder).

I had the pleasure of being invited to Otford playground with my husband and son a few weeks ago, and I thought I'd capture a few pictures of the great facilities they have there.

If you've read any of my other playground posts you'll know that a fence is a top priority for me, and Otford has a great fence and gate.  This one leads to the car park.  The gate leading to the playing fields is locked for some reason and numerous families tried to open it during our time there??

There are great choices for younger toddlers and older kids.  My son loves the roundabout.  It's unusual in that it rotates from under the ground and the platform that turns is flush with the floor.  This may be safer than the usual ones that turn above ground, but my son still managed to almsot get his finger inbetween the roundabout and the ground.

William loves going really fast, and it's quite hard to push, so my husband gets quite a workout too.  The whole area of the playground is a great space for riding a bike and scooter, watch out parents and young children a race around the equipment is commonplace.

This photograph makes the weather look amazing, but it's actually really cold and quite dark.  This piece of equipment is really good for the older kids with a great slide and monkey bars.  How do kids have such amazing strength, I know I couldn't do more than one monkey bar if that!  I watch it in awe.

This is a rare instance.  I have now been to the playground twice and never seen this play equipment empty of children.  The smaller kids love this, it's great for slide races as it is wide enough for two little bottoms.

Unlike the springy ride on toy at the Kemsing Nightingale Road, this one can take my weight and me with Ellie in a sling had great fun on this ride and the swing.  There are two swings for smaller kids and two for older kids and adults.

While watching William on the slide I noticed a great addition to the Otford playground that should be added to the Kemsing playgrounds - a sign listing two phone numbers.  A contact phone number to report problems both during the week and out of hours.
What a great idea!! a number that you can call to report any problems any day of the week.

This is a great, well used playground with a nice selection of equipment.  Parking is ideal and free, I just don't know where the nearest toilets are.  But, if they are anything like the public toilets in Kemsing I think I'd rather go home.  My husband is right, a great destination if you need to blow off some 3 year old steam.

Get in touch if you have any great ideas for things to do with small children in the Sevenoaks area.  There are some great resources on my website for local services and breastfeeding related sevices.

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