Saturday 8 October 2011

Not old enough to use the slide at Wear'm'Out

My son was invited to a birthday party today at Wear'm'Out in Tonbridge.  It's a favourite of ours, a great place to go when the weather isn't too great or you want to go to an enclosed location without an escape route.

This is another indoor play area with soft play, slides and snacks.  I especially like that this location is nice and bright, you can walk around the entire play structure to look for your hiding child, and you can see your child from most anywhere in the adult seating area.

We have been to quite a few soft play centres in the area.  Some of them are really difficult to navigate, and some make it hard to keep track of your child while playing because they are so deep and dark.  The Wear'm'Out in Tonbridge is very adult friendly, I even managed to get around it eight months pregnant.

So, William was feeling a little bit shy today, he didn't know many people at the birthday party and asked me to accompany him into the play structure.  I was quite happy to go in, climb the stairs towards the slide but William was having other thoughts.  He took me towards the "slide of doom", a slide that is practically vertical from top to bottom.  While I tried to persuade him that we'd do much better on the slow bumpy slide I was lucky to be saved by the staff member keeping guard who pointed to a sign above the slide entrance which read "no adult to use slide without signing a waiver and getting their hand stamped" or something to that effect.  Apparently my son is able to go down the slide of doom as much as he likes because I signed a waiver at the door and he has his hand stamped, but me as a responsible adult cannot make that decision for myself without signing the same waiver at the door.

Thank You waiver!

and a big Thank You to Wear'm'Out for having my fliers at their front desk.  I know I posted a lot of fliers to local businesses and nurseries but it is nice when I see them out.

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