Sunday 2 August 2015

Big Latch On 2015 - Nursing in Public

Todays theme for the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt is positive public breastfeeding.

I've only ever had positive experiences of breastfeeding in public.  Sometimes my family members were a bit worried about it.  My Mum seems to think that the sight of skin will give an older person a heart attack. So, I thought that I would just post some pictures from this weekends events and any pictures that I could find of myself nursing in public.

Big Latch On 2015

Big Latch On 2015 - Maidstone

Big Latch On 2015 - Sevenoaks

Big Latch On 2015 - Folkestone

Big Latch On 2015 - Canterbury

Fellow Kent Breastfeeding Peer Supporter Bex tandom feeding at Big Latch On 2015 Maidstone

Ellie and Me at Big Latch On 2015 Sevenoaks

This post is part of the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt 2015.  This year we are focusing on being #PositiveAboutBF and I invite you to start the conversation if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.  Learn about the many reasons there are to breastfeed for you, your baby and the planet and find out where to find your local support before you have your baby.
There are many posts to read all week long during World Breastfeeding Week 2015 and lots of competitions to enter for some fabulous prizes.  If you’d like to be in with a chance at winning over £700 worth of fabulous goodies from lots of breastfeeding friendly companies then please enter the rafflecopter below.  You’ll need to read at least 10 posts and enter all of the attached rafflecopters to be entered into the draw but that won’t be hard when we have so many amazing bloggers writing some amazing posts this year.
Wherever you see the Keep Britain Breastfeeding 2015 logo you will have the opportunity to enter so keep a lookout!
We are highlighting a couple of amazing organisations throughout the week because of the amazing work they are doing in the World of breastfeeding.

 Kent Baby Matters - is a website offering information about infant feeding services across Kent.  Just type in your postcode to find your nearest breastfeeding group, breastfeeding specialist or even where to find a pump.  Find up to date information about becoming a trained breastfeeding peer supporter and when training is happening in your area.
Gaining the confidence to nurse outside of your house might not come as easily to everyone and breastfeeding groups can be the perfect place.  See others breastfeeding, practice your technique and meet others in the same position who might fancy a coffee or a meet up at the local park.
Stay up to date with news about new breastfeeding groups, changes to groups and details about upcoming peer support training follow them on Facebook .
Here are some links to other bloggers and companies taking part in the Scavenger Hunt so that you keep hunting – 
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Can I Breastfeed In It? UK is the voice of the popular Facebook group of the same name, giving the wardrobes of breastfeeding women a new lease of life. 

Just Motherhood is a blog from the perspective of an ever grateful mum of two. It is where life's everyday magic is captured. A place where ordinary life is appreciated and memories are treasured. 

Kohl Mama is a blog highlighting the beauty in gentle parenting from sunny North East England. Passionate about normalising the continuation of a healthy breastfeeding relationship in a place where breastfeeding rates are one of the lowest in the country.

My Mummys World is a parenting and lifestyle blog, brought from a single mama in the Midlands, sharing our adventures.
Booby & The Beads -  have promised a custom nursing necklace
Patricia Feuchter Forever - has promised a selection of Aloe products
Kids Bee Happy by Katy - has promised a set of sand art 

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  1. What a wonderful thing! And so many lovely photos, I wish I had more photos of Boo feeding - I think I have only got 2!
    I am not sure which has been the funniest place, though the place that has felt most random was a large open grass area in the middle of town where people sit to eat their lunch when it's sunny. I am not sure why it felt so random!

  2. Maybe the funniest place I've breastfed is more like the most apt place, in the sense of being ironic. Just lots of vegan cafes. Nobody's going to object there, as they know it's species-appropriate!

  3. This one is tricky to think of. I dont think i've fed anywhere funny. However the first time i fed in public ended up with us laughing. My husband came shopping with us so that I could try out feeding in public with his support. I found a cafe sat myself down in a booth in a corner thinking that would be discreet. Got myself ready trying to get 9 day old baby to latch on, looked up and realised my mistake. I had positioned myself right opposite the till so everyone in the queue could see me quite clearly and then looked up and saw the CCTV camera above the table...argh.

  4. Hmmm funniest place I don't think I really have one, maybe in a stupidly long queue in the bank.

  5. Hmmm funniest place I don't think I really have one, maybe in a stupidly long queue in the bank.

  6. I only ever fed in the hospital or at home, as I only managed 2 weeks with my first x