Thursday 8 November 2012

Lazy Daisy in Sevenoaks & Tonbridge

 As a mother of two, I have experienced childbirth in two countries.  Attending a great childbirth class in Maryland, US was the best decision I made in preparing for labour.  The class that me and my husband took at St Joseph's Hospital in Towson, Maryland focused on breathing and relaxation techniques.  I still use those techniques to this day and those same techniques allowed me to naturally deliver two beautiful baby's without the use of drugs or gas.  They also come in handy when my kidney stones are bothering me. 

I have worked with lots of pregnant ladies throughout my work in the US and the UK, and it always amazes me when I'm told that someone chose not to take a birthing class or couldn't take one for financial reasons because I think they are so important.  Being prepared can make the experience of birth a truely amazing one and give you the knowledge and confidence to have the birth that you plan for.  Having taken the local free classes in the UK, I know that you cannot always count on receiving the best information for free and having options is always nice.

I have just met Gemma, a local lady who has just started providing birthing and beyond classes in the Sevenoaks and Tonbridge area of Kent at a very affordable rate.  I have asked Gemma to write a little bit about her classes for this blog so that you have another option for birthing classes and infant classes.  Lazy Daisy classes are also available in a town near you.

My name is Gemma and I am the local Lazy Daisy teacher for Sevenoaks and
Tonbridge, Kent.

Daisy Birthing is a wonderful birth preparation concept that aims to bring mums to be the chance to prepare for a confident birth whilst learning breathing and relaxation techniques and to practise gentle yoga inspired movements to ease common pregnancy discomforts.  Each class in 1 hour and 20 minutes with a lovely relaxation segment at the end of each class.

Daisy Baby picks up where Daisy Birthing ends and provides a chance for new mums to come to a class that teaches them all about the fourth trimester, that vital time when baby first enters the world. Daisy Baby class combines baby massage, baby yoga and calming techniques to help mums learn how to soothe their baby and develop a vital bond in the early months.

As a mum I went to both Daisy Birthing and Daisy Baby classes so I know just how valuable they can be, in fact I loved them so much that I now teach the classes!

We have over 100 teachers now all over the UK and even have teachers in Australia and
Egypt!! To date we have helped over 2000 mums in their journey into motherhood.

If you are interested in classes then please contact me or take a look at the website

*I have not received any payment for this post, I work with lots of othe Mummy business owners and love to share their services and products when able.

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