Monday 12 September 2011

Emma-Jane 365 Seamless Nursing Bra with Removable Pads

To continue my review of nursing bras I am now reviewing the Emma-Jane 365 Seamless Nursing Bra.  It could be easy to confuse this nursing bra with the previously reviewed Emma-Jane 361, but the 365 comes with a few more bells and whistles.  Both the 361 and 365 look very alike.  They also come in the same four sizes (32, 34, 36, 38 fitting B-F), and three colours (Black, White, Skin).

The Emma-Jane 365 Seamless Nursing Bra is more expensive than the 361 by approximately 50%, and there is good reason for this.  The 365 nursing bra has the added option of removable foam pads.  I have never used the pads in this nursing bra or the Bravado Bodysilk Seamless, so being removable is an added bonus for me.  The pads are provided to enable the wearer to have a smoother look when wearing tighter fitting clothing, acting like a t-shirt bra.  The pads also hide any wrinkles that might happen if wearing a nursing pad, and nipples that you may not want noticed by others.  The pads are removed or inserted very easily, and easily washed.

The other major difference that you'll notice between these bras is that the side sling in the 365 is much more substantial, and widens more at the bottom of the sling to give more support to the breast.  It is for this reason that I choose to wear the 365 over the 361 more often as I do prefer that little bit of extra support.  This bra washes and wears really easily, and is just as versatile as the 361.  The lack of seams makes it really comfortable to wear day or night, and because it fits a range of cup sizes, it really can be worn throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.  I would still think about upgrading to a more expensive bra to find additional support for the larger cup sizes, support is definitely something you pay for with nursing bras.

Another great value nursing bra from Emma-Jane to add to your maternity and breastfeeding wardrobe.  Because I have found that seamless bras such as the Emma-Jane 365 are great to sleep in as well as wear any other time of day I have them listed in both the Emma-Jane Nursing Bra and Sleep Bra sections of the website.

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