Sunday 28 August 2011

We went to Tiny Town in Larkfield and Loved it

I am always looking for places to take my energetic three year old boy.  He has absolutely no fear, and is happy to run away from me, and would probably happily go home with anyone willing to play with him.  So, my criteria for a playground or activity is that it be contained, I love fences.

Tiny Town in Larkfield is a large indoor play centre between Sevenoaks and Maidstone very close to Larkfield Leisure Centre (the place with the swimming pool that has a wave machine), behind the Kent Messenger building.  It's one of those great kids places that does not charge for adults, so we got in for only £5 during the summer holidays, and I think they have a two hour limit.

It had been raining most of the day, so the place was pretty busy and noisy, but not too moisy to have a conversation or for my 4 month old to fall asleep in her buggy.

What I liked about this play centre (and we have been to a few) is that it was big and open.  You could take a seat, have a chat and still be able to look up at any time and see where your kid is without moving or having to look for a long time.  There is a variety of activities for the kids which include a climbing obstacle, baby area, messy play and a huge soft play structure with multiple slides and lots of different areas for imaginative play.  The other huge pull for them I'm sure is the indoor football pitch which can be rented for 5-a-side games or birthday parties.

The staff were very friendly, they kept circling en-mass to keep the tables clear from rubbish, and didn't spend the whole time telling the kids off for being kids.  Snacks are available for a reasonable price, the cupcakes looked great, and some of the options were on the healthy side.  I saw another nursing mother there, so I definitely felt comfortable nursing my baby there.

I have only one complaint - why do these kid friendly places that charge to get in always have toys that need money.  My kid is obsessed with riding on these toys, and is always asking me for pennies to use them.  In this case it's a Balamory school bus, and the crowds around it were constant.

Tiny Town - Get rid of the pay to ride toys and you would be perfect in my eyes.

Karen McCully - BoobieMilk Ltd

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