Wednesday 25 June 2014

Keep Britain Breastfeeding Day 6 Round-Up Breastfeeding Over A Year

Here are all the amazing posts from day 6 of the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Internet Scavenger Hunt 2014.  The theme today was breastfeeding beyond one year with tonnes of great posts about tandem nursing as well. 


Guest Post Vicky from JJ Jiraffe Shares her Breastfeeding Experiences - Breastfeeding in England

Breastfeeding Beyond a Year, Um Yes, Well Beyond! - Attachment Mummy

Why I Decided To Breastfeed - My Little L + a BabyBeads Competition

Breastfeeding Through Pregnancy and Beyond - My Thoughts on Things

We're Pregnant Again - Mummies Waiting

The Logostics of Tandem Nursing - Diddle Diddle Dumpling

Choosing a Breastpump - Mummy is A Gadget Geek

Win an ARDO Breastfeeding set including pump and accessories - Mummy is A Gadget Geek

Breastfeeding Toddlers and Beyond: Not As Weird As You Might Think - Mixed Bag of All Sorts

Breastfeeding Beyond A Year: (Or My Breasts, My Baby, My Business) - Keep Up With The Jones Family + a Thrupenny Bits Nursing Cover competition

Tandem Feeding 2 Children Beyond the First Year - Sorry About The Mess

Tandem Breastfeeding: The Early Months - Circus Queen

Breastfeeding and Birth Books For Children - Review and Giveaway - Circus Queen + Pinter & Martin competition

Breastfeeding in Public - My Baby Boy and Me

Breastfeeding Beyond a Year - We're Going On An Adventure

I (Almost) Did It: Nursing Beyond A Year - Attachment Feminism

Breastfeeding Past A Year - Belle Du Brighton

Breastfeeding Beyond A Year: Completely Normal - TalkMum


Baby Beads UK -  KBB2014 for 15% off. No minim order, free uk delivery

Pinter & Martin - Save 25% using code KBBF25

Close Parent - Save 20% on their new washable breastpads and 15% on Caboo + organic carriers.

Cantaloop - Save 20% on the Cantaloop Seamless Nursing Bra using this link

Visit From The Stork - 10% off using code KBBF2014

Milk & Mummy - 10% off until June 26th

Blazing Needles - 20% off using code KBBF2014

Feed Me Mummy - 20% off using code KBB2014

Blissful Things - 10% off using code KBBF2014 (free delivery if you spend over £50)

BreastVest - Save 20% on their nursing vests by using code KBBF20

ARDO Breastpumps - Save £25 on the Calypso single pump using code CALYPSO100 (I also see on the website they have nipple cream on special offer too)

Monkey Mama Necklaces - 10% off with code KBBF2014

Freeva - 14% off using code KBBF14

The Mother Magazine - 20% off subscriptions using code keepbritainbreastfeeding

BoobieMilk - FLASH Sale with 25% off using code KBBF on June 25th and 26th 8pm-10pm

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