Monday 5 September 2011

Great Ice Cream in Tunbridge Wells at Flossie's

Went to Tunbridge Wells this afternoon with Ellie and my Dad.  Of course an order was placed on the website just as we were leaving Sevenoaks, but I managed to get it in the post right before the Royal Mail van pulled up so OK.

Anyway, walked around the older part of the town which is beautiful, some really nice little shops with quirky items, great kitchen utensil store if you like that kind of thing.  I noticed the ice cream parlour last time we were there because it is named after an old colleague and friend of mine in the US.  We usually like our ice cream wooshie or from Morelli's in Broadstairs, but this ice cream is something special.  We had a triple scoop (best value), although I did have to pay for a second spoon at 5p!  We chose vanilla, cherry ripple and toffee fudge.  My Dad doesn't like bits, so he wasn't a fan of the fudge, but I thought it was great.  I'd gotten used to some pretty awful fudge in the States, so have been pleasantly surprised every time I buy fudge in the UK and it tastes great.  Actually I think I had more fudge in my scoop of ice cream than I got for £2.65 at the Heavy Horse Show yesterday in Shoreham.  But the one that stole the show was the cherry ripple, really great ice cream with a little tartness to it, it was something else!.  Even Ellie tried to get her face in it (or maybe she just has no control of her upper body yet???).

26-28  The Pantiles
Tunbridge Wells
Telephone:  01892 527 690
Couldn't find a website.

If you want to find out more about Morelli's ice cream and where you can find it, or learn more about nursing bras, check out my website for my contact details.

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