Friday 16 September 2011

Emma-Jane 442 T-Shirt Nursing Bra

I have reviewed the Emma-Jane Seamless Nursing Bras 361 and 365, so I'm now going to move on to the Emma-Jane 442 t-shirt nursing bra.  The nursing bra is available in twelve sizes 32, 34, 36, 38 each in cup sizes B/C, D/DD, and E/F, and is available in black and skin colours.

As you can see, the Emma-Jane 442 T-Shirt Nursing Bra is very pretty with embroidered straps and scalloped detailing on the cups and a pretty flower between the cups.  The bra is made from microfibre and cotton and has a moulded cup with light padding.

I do not usually wear padded bras, not really since secondary school when WonderBras were really popular.  T-shirt bras with light padding were really popular in the US when I lived there, but I really wasn't interested in hiding my nipples and rarely wore tight t-shirts at that time.

I don't think you can really understand why a t-shirt bra can be so good until you have breastfed.  I think my nipples have quadrupled in size since I started nursing almost 4 years ago.  Is that true for everyone, I don't know?  It is really funny to think back to those first few days in the hospital after giving birth to my eldest.  He was suctioned deeply at the hospital immediately after birth and was refusing the breast.  One of the nurses tried to convince me that I had inverted nipples.  I just stared at her for the longest time.  Labour is tiring, and I was tired and frustrated that they wouldn't let us go home yet, and just remember thinking "SERIOUSLY!! Have you seen my nipples?".  They may look a bit weird and not at all alike, but they are definitely not inverted.

So, I do now see good reason for a little padding in a nursing bra.  The padding gives a smooth look for those endowed with larger nipples.  Or, if you are like me and need to wear a nursing pad for those pesky leaks during the day, the padding works equally well at hiding any wrinkles from a disposable pad, or circle lines from a thick washable nursing pad.  I plan to do more reviews in the future for nursing pads, so stay tuned.

There are only a couple of things I would mention for your consideration when looking at this nursing bra.  When nursing in this bra, you need to be aware that there is more material to keep out of the way when the cup is pulled down.  I usually tuck the cup material under my breast when nursing, which is really easy with the Emma-Jane 361 or 365.  Because the padding is pretty light and very flexible, getting it out of the way for nursing is much easier than with some other padded nursing bras, but you have to make more of an effort, so I think it is important to mention. 

I haven't been working with this nursing bra for very long, but I have found that the bra fits much better on the larger cup size.  So, if you take the B/C sized cup, a C sized breast fits much better than a B.

The 442 T-Shirt nursing bra is another great value bra from Emma-Jane.  It has a much lower price point than many other t-shirt style nursing bras available right now from companies such as HOTmilk and Cake, and it is a really comfortable and pretty bra.


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