Saturday 7 December 2013

KBBF Advent Event - Mama's Cookies

A custom made cookie mix service specialising in lactation cookies that can help to boost the supply of breastfeeding mummys but also good old traditional cookie mixes for you to freshly bake at home.

Tanya is am a mummy of 2 beautiful children, one toddler who loves to help me bake cookies (and eat them) and a baby girl.

I create custom cookie mixes for you to bake fresh at home all you need to add is egg and butter and you can have perfect cookies at home!

We specialise in making yummy lactation cookies that can help boost the supply of breastfeeding mummies but we also make gorgeous melt-in-the-mouth traditional cookie mixes.

Pick your Base -

Lactation or Traditional cookies?

Lactation cookie bases contain the following ingrediants for their milk boosting properties

Oats- A great source of iron and fibre, both really important for milk production.

Brewers Yeast- An excellent source of protein (and still vegetarian). This is thought to be the key ingredient in lactation cookies for boosting milk supply!

Flaxseed- A brilliant source of Omega-3 fatty acids which are important for milk and for baby's developing brain. Also another great source of fibre.

Fats- Use coconut oil instead of butter when you make up your lactation cookies, it is a much healthier fat and is said to enrich the breast milk with these good fats.

Although most women do notice a difference in their milk supply when they introduce 1 or more of these ingredients, it doesn't work for everyone and I cannot guarantee they will increase your milk supply. If you are concerned about milk supply, please seek help from your GP, Midwife, Health Visitor, Breastfeeding support group or Lactation consultant.


Choose your fillings - 

Milk chocolate chunks
White chocolate chunks
Dark chocolate chunks
Organic Cocoa Nibs
Dried cranberries
Dried apricots
Dried blueberries
Banana chips
Glacé cherries
Freeze dried strawberries
Freeze dried blueberries
Freeze dried blackberries
Freeze dried bananas
Freeze dried apple cubes
Freeze dried pineapple
Freeze dried cherries
Freeze dried raspberries
Sun-dried Goji Berries
Mixed Peel
Crystallised Ginger
Organic Omega four seeds
Pecan nuts
Salted peanuts
Ground cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg or mixed spice

You can also buy a selection of handmade organic raw dairy free chocolates

If that doesn't make you drool I don't know what will.

Enter for a chance to win a lovely lactation cookie mix by using the Rafflecopter below.  You can also enter by heading over to the Mama's Cookies Facebook Page, liking the page and commenting on the Giveaway image highlighted there.

Throughout December there will be lots of lovely breastfeeding prizes up for grabs from lots of lovely companies.  Find out about all the prizes up for grabs here and follow Keep Britain Breastfeeding on Facebook for updates..

All competitions will end at Midday on December 24th and winners will be drawn within 14 days

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  1. As a lactating mum this sounds greatt!

  2. Crystalised ginger, seeds, almonds & raisins would make good combo!

  3. My favourite would be chocolate and raspberry but my daughter would adore blueberry or strawberry ones

  4. strawberry and white chocolate!