Monday 16 December 2013

KBBF Advent Event - ARDO BreastPumps UK

ARDO is a breast pump manufacturer that sells pumps within the UK and is pretty unique in that they are completely WHO code compliant.

You may wonder what the WHO code is and why it is important to be compliant?

What is the WHO code?
The WHO Code on the marketing of mother's milk substitutes protects and supports breastfeeding by determining how milk substitutes may be marketed without endangering the practice of breastfeeding. The International Code makes reference to each product which is marketed as a partial or total replacement for mother’s milk, including feeding bottles and teats. The Code does not ban the sale of such products but rather defines marketing methods and the way in which businesses operate. (International Code: Article 2). The intention is, amongst other things, to suppress advertising or other forms of merchandising to the general public (Article 5.1).

What does the WHO Code mean for ARDO?

Taking into account the fact that teats and feeding bottles may have a negative effect on the duration of breast feeding; ARDO does not offer or supply feeding bottles.

"Currently the subject of the WHO Code on mother’s milk substitutes is under intense discussion amongst experts in the field, in conjunction with producers of breastfeeding products. We wish to declare unequivocally – as a matter of company policy - that ARDO is completely committed to observing absolutely each and every WHO Code."
Marliese Pepe-Truffer
Product Manager, IBCLC

ARDO manufacture a great range of breastpumps ranging from manual pumps to hospital grade pumps.  They also have their own range of nipple cream, breast pads, milk collection containers and cold bags.  If like many women you will be returning to work with a breastfeeding baby at home you will feel safe in the knowledge that you will receive a high quality pump made by a company that cares what they sell and how they market it so that you can continue to provide amazing breastmilk for your loved one.

 ARDO Breastpumps have a fabulous prize up for grabs as part of the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Advent Event going on in December this year.  You could win an Amaryll handpump, nipple cream and pads by liking the ARDO Facebook page and finding the giveaway image (hint - it looks like the image above!).  Comment on the image by answering the question - Why have you chosen to breastfeed?


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