Thursday 7 November 2013

Monkey Mama Nursing, Teething and Babywearing Necklaces have arrived at BoobieMilk

"My baby has become distracted while nursing"

"My baby is teething and has bitten me while nursing"

"I'm being pinched during feeds"

"My hair is being pulled when my baby is in the sling"

Small but sometimes significant complaints made by many a Mummy which can be overcome with the addition of a beautiful accessory - A Nursing Necklace.

On Wednesday November 6th, 2013 I received a delivery of some absolutely stunning examples of nursing, teething and babyweraing necklaces from the lovely Monkey Mama.

What do I love about these nursing necklaces?

Great thought and attention to detail has gone into sourcing the materials that make up each necklace.  The highly durable and non-toxic resin beads have been handmade in Indonesia by a small cottage business and fairly traded throughout their journey to the UK.

The wooden teething rings are crafted from ash grown in an ecological region of Continental Europe away from heavy industry.

The necklaces themselves are designed and handmade in the UK using super tough cotton cording and strong knotting techniques for extra security.


A piece of jewellery that you can feel confident to wear around small children which has many, many uses and will last for years to come.

Prices start at just £12.75.  See all styles that are available and place your order here or Like the BoobieMilk Facebook page and receive free shipping.


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