Saturday 6 April 2013

Hotmilk - Angel Divine Nursing Bra Review

If you have discovered Hotmilk then you have already found a great nursing bra range.  From the moment I received my first hotmilk bra I knew I had found something incredible.

Hotmilk have designed nursing bra after nursing bra that provide the entire package for nursing mothers.  There really is no compromise when choosing Hotmilk.

I meet a lot of women who have already compromised in the past.  They have bought nursing bras because they had no other choice in their local shop and they have bought nursing bras because it's their only choice in that size.  I really feel that Hotmilk have put a lot of thought into their nursing bra range.  They've made a real effort to make a product that women want to wear.

Hotmilk are:

Comfortable - The 100% cotton lining makes them super comfy, especially when breasts are tender before or after birth.  I admit that I do sleep in mine all the time, and find them so comfy I hardly know they are there.

Functional - The designers over at Hotmilk have done their research and know what nursing Mums are looking for and need in a nursing bra.  Each style has great access for nursing.  The A-frame styles provide additional support and discretion when nursing and the cups come all the way down to give maximum room for latching..

Flexible - Even though Hotmilk bras are specifically sized they have been designed to allow as much flexibility as possible for the ever changing shape of a pregnant and nursing woman.  The band has six settings which allow for ribcage expansion during pregnancy and then weight loss after birth.  The added detailing on each bra is quite forgiving so that nursing pads are less visible, size differences between breasts are less noticeable and you can choose a slightly larger cup to accomodate milk volume increases without the bra looking too big under clothing.  Hotmilk has also released a number of styles that have fully extendable straps for taller women or those needing longer straps.

Supportive - Hotmilk nursing bras give great support up to an H cup.  During pregnancy and breastfeeding breast usually grow in size and they always increase in weight.  I think that Hotmilk have managed to design a nursing bra that provides the most support you can get without a wire and I fit many women up to an H-cup who are surprised how much support they provide.  The support comes from the nice wide bands, fabulous workmanship, wider straps and plush materials.  If I am at the playground running around after my kids, I want to be wearing my Hotmilk bras as they provide great support during light energetic activity and I don't have to hold my boobs when running to the car when it starts raining.  (I do wear a sports bra for jogging)

Built to Last - I've been wearing my Hotmilk bras for over 2 years now and they have lasted very well.  I have changed in size a little over that time in band size, but I still wear my first Hotmilk bras on the tightest band setting regularly.  I wash my Hotmilk on cold or 30C in the machine on a delicate/hand wash setting and I hang dry.  I will admit to my bras occasionally going through the regular cycle when I'm helped with the laundry (so I can't really complain) and they have fared pretty well but I don't recommend.  They have kept their shape and colour and since my ribcage has shrunken to its pre-pregnancy size I haven't needed to tighten the band from the loosest setting yet so I know I'll get a lot more use out of them.  I do have a matching set of Luminous lingerie that no longer match because the champagne coloured knickers were washed with a dark wash, so definitely keep colours seperate.

Great Coverage -   I just love the Hotmilk full cup styles.  There is nothing worse than looking down at your cleavage to find it spilling out the middle.  I know this has a lot to do with finding the right size, but for my shape I find a much better fit and feel more confident wearing a full cup bra.  I don't stand still all day.  I run after the kids, lay down to nurse my daughter to sleep at nap time and I bend down to pick her up when she wants to be carried.  Maybe I'm just getting old but I just want to feel supported and not have any extra flesh showing.  I find that all of my tops cover my bras and at the last wedding I attended I wore a vest because the dress was a crossover style which seemed to reveal more each time I pulled it aside to nurse, so putting on a vest made sure that I never had to worry about it.

So, the newest addition to my Hotmilk collection is the Angel Divine.  A gorgeous full cup style nursing bra with an A-frame and fully extendible straps in a beautiful girly peach pink with cream lace detail.  The detailing is less bling with the Angel Divine with just a simple cream bow just gives that extra bit of prettiness.  The Angel Divine is soft and feminine and provides all of the benefits of a Hotmilk bra in spades and I love it!

The Hotmilk Angel Divine nursing bra is available in sizes 32-38 C-G and sizes are selling out fast!  You can get your hands on your very own nursing bra for £30 and matching set (S-L) for only £35 from BoobieMilk here.


  1. Thanks for the review. There are so many nursing bras out there to chose from it can be overwhelming. Thanks!

  2. Hotmilk are my fave brand of nursing bras by far.