Sunday 7 April 2013

Carriwell Nursing Swimsuit Review

William attended his first breastfeeding conference when he was 6 months old in Vegas.  We spent a little time in the pool, but not a huge amount as the pool closed at sunset soon after the conference day ended.  At 18 months old we went to the same conference in Orlando, and the hotel had a beautiful pool with a lazy river, slides and jacuzzi.  I spent a LOT of time going round and round that lazy river on my rubber ring nursing William.  I wore a regular bathing suit with a crossover design which basically meant my boob was hanging out the top of the suit the whole time I was in the pool (no tan lines for me LOL).

Having to remove my whole boob to nurse wasn't entirely awful because firstly, I was in great copany at a breastfeeding conference, and secondly because William was a little older his head pretty much covered my boob when feeding.  I'm not one to be concerned about nursing in public.  I've breastfed everywhere and I've pumped everywhere.  I do however choose to nurse from the bottom.  In that I mean that I lift my top from the bottom to nurse so that my shoulders are still covered.  I feel less exposed and less naked.  I imagine that other women may not be as bold as me, especially when it comes to nursing in a bathing suit, so enter Carriwell.

The Carriwell nursing swimsuit is a basic, black suit providing everything that a normal swimsuit would provide.  The black is somewhat slimming and the fabric dries quickly when out of the water.  The swimsuit includes the lovely addition of providing easy access for nursing and has a lovely A-frame design that provides more coverage when the cup is open.  This is very similar to the design of the Hotmilk Shine, Emma-Jane vests in that there is a second layer once the cup is pulled down so your whole boob is not exposed, but just pokes through a smaller hole completely adequate for nursing.  The straps are fully adjustable and can cross over at the back which myself anf reviewers have found to more securely keep them in place.

Sadly the Carriwell nursing swimsuit is only available in four sizes.  This means that it is not suitable for larger cup sizes.  When testing the swimsuit during Ellie's swimming lessons I found the cup to be at its limit for my boobs (34E) in the Medium size (I'm a dress size 12 and not very hippy).

The Carriwell nursing swimsuit is available to buy from BoobieMilk for only £30 in sizes S/M/L/XL (S 8, M 10, L 12, XL 14)

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