Saturday 7 January 2012

Hotmilk - Luminous Nursing Bra Review

The Hotmilk Luminous nursing bra is possibly the most supportive bra that I have ever owned (sports bras not included).

The Luminous nursing bra is a champagne coloured full cup nursing bra with A-frame support.  This bra is made from microfibre and lace with diamante accents.  The lining is 100% cotton and super comfy against the skin, and as usual there are 6 sets of eyes so that you have a lot of flexibility in the band size.  The nursing bra and bikini are designed to be worn throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.  The band can accomodate increases in size during pregnancy, decreases in size after delivery and then still has room for tightening after the fabric stretches over time.  The bikini sits low enough to go under the bump during pregnancy and then wears well after delivery.  The bikini also gives great coverage of the buttocks, and a french knicker is available if that is a preferred style.

The Luminous nursing bra is part of the Hotmilk Essential range and is available during all seasons. The nursing bra is available is sizes 32-42 and cups B-H.  The bikini is available in sizes S-XXL.

I love love love this nursing bra.  It is amazingly beautiful, the lace and diamante accent make it the prettiest nursing bra that I own, although the Seemingly Unaware comes a close second (the same style in a deep pink).  There are a number of features that make this nursing bra so great to wear and functional to use. 

The full cup keeps everything in its place.  I'm a pretty active Mum, I don't stand up straight all day, I get the occasional nap.  The full cup keeps my breasts where I want them.  The full coverage means that no matter what I am doing there is no breast tissue leaking out the side or front of the bra.  Having two boobs can be hard enough, but having four is inexcusable, and not great for the milk ducts either.

The A-frame can be something you really like or really hate.  I haven't been able to narrow down the reason for the hatred in some Mothers, but I love it.  I'm happy to wear a side sling, but I can see lots of advantages to the A-frame too.  The A-frame for those that have not heard of it before is where a hole is revealed once the cup is opened to nurse.  A side sling has a piece of material from the strap down the side of the breast to the band which holds the bra together and supports the breast when the cup is open.  An A-frame provides more coverage of the breast when the cup is open, so can provide additional coverage for those that feel too exposed when nursing in public with a side sling nursing bra.  The cup doesn't open fully with  this A-frame in the case of the Luminous nursing bra, so you may want to get a bit of practise in before you start wearing it out with the baby, but I have never had any problems myself.

You may look at this nursing bra and think that it would be uncomfortable, and that you would only use it on a night out which may not even be on your radar right after having a baby.  It's true, this nursing bra is fantastic to wear out on a date because it really does boost your confidence and help you feel like yourself again after wearing maternity clothes for 9+ months.  I wear this nursing bra to feel amazing.  I wear this nursing bra to remind my husband that I am still his wife and not just the mother of his children.  I can also wear this nursing bra, and indeed I do wear this nursing bra all day and all night without any discomfort at all.  The fit is amazing and the 100% cotton lining makes it amazingly comfortable even during a growth spurt when you think that your nipples will never see daylight again.

Hotmilk bras are easy to look after.  I throw mine in a cold wash with like colours and a little detergent and then hang them in the airing cupboard to dry.  I've washed and hung all of my clothes in this way since having a shrinkage issue with heat in the US.

If you are looking for something beautiful during your pregnancy for a special event, a special anniversary or or even to wear under a suit for your office job, Hotmilk is perfect.  If you want to feel normal after all of the hormone fluctuations of pregnancy, wearing something that doesn't feel like a maternity bra, but without the wires that are not recommended by midwives and other health care professionals then Hotmilk is a brand you want to take a look at. 

If bought at the beginning of pregnancy make sure that you have room for your ribcage to expand at least one inch.  If you buy at the end of the pregnancy make sure that you have room to tighten the band after the baby is delivered, and make sure you have a little room in the cups for when your milk volume increases during the first five days after delivery.  You may find that you are not able to wear your Hotmilk nursing bra during the first four weeks of breastfeding because your breasts fluctuate in size between feeds and over the day.  But, with luck on your side you may be able to wear them after your milk supply is established and settles down.  Of course it can never be guaranteed because every woman is different and you may go up 1 cup size or 4 cup sizes, so to make sure that you can wear your Hotmilk nursing bra while nursing as long as possible you may want to be fitted at around 4-6 weeks postnatally.

If you would like to purchase a Hotmilk luminous nursing bra and matching bikini take a look at my online nursing bra shop where you can also contact me is you have any questions or to schedule an in-home nursing bra fitting in the comfort of your own home if you live in West Kent.

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