Tuesday 31 January 2012

Why Every Mum should own some HOTmilk

From now until Valentines Day I am running a sale on Hotmilk Lingerie which includes their nursing bras, matching bikini briefs and nursing camisoles.  All Hotmilk styles at BoobieMilk will be an extra 15% off regular prices.

You won't need to enter a code or do anything different, the prices are as marked.

I wanted to take this time to tell you more about Hotmilk and their products, and why I love them so much.

Hotmilk Lingerie came into being after company co-founder Lisa Ebbing became pregnant and couldn't find any lingerie that compared to the lingerie she was used to wearing, so with co-founder Ange Crosbie Hotmilk was born in New Zealand.  In very few years the company has grown and Hotmilk Materity Lingerie is now available all over the globe.  Pregnant and breastfeeding women everywhere have embraced lingerie that makes them feel confident, comfortable yet still sexy. 

As you know, I only stock nursing bras and products that I personally use, so let me tell you why I have chosen to stock Hotmilk and why every pregnant and breastfeeding woman should own their own Hotmilk Lingerie.

Hotmilk is GREAT for pregnancy!

Who wouldn't want to look like this when pregnant?  But really, for the majority of us pregnancy is a time when we are forced to wear clothes that don't fit that well and don't look that good.  I spent my whole pregnancy pulling up trousers that refused to remain in place and ended up around my knees whenever I had my hands full.  Enter Hotmilk and their stunning lingerie.  Wearing this jet black bikini with diamante embelishment you wouldn't even care that your trousers are round your ankles, it covers everything you want it to and looks amazing.  The design fits under your pregnant belly and still looks great once you've lost that baby weight after all that breastfeeding.

The Hotmilk nursing bras are ideal for pregnancy and breastfeeding and with a little bit of luck and expert fitting you can get good wear out of them.  The nursing bras are designed with 6 lots of hooks and eye fittings in the band which are there to allow for changes in rib cage size over your pregnancy.  Typically, the baby pushes up into your rib cage during your pregnancy.  Being able to loosen the band a number of hooks means that you get more wear out of it, and you also have the option to tighten the band once the baby is born.  

Hotmilk is GREAT for breastfeeding!

Hotmilk lingerie is great for breastfeeding because of the easy one-handed clips that open for easy access to the breast for feeding.  It is so much more though.  The 100% cotton lining feels amazing against delicate skin, and the straps haven't been forgotten.  The straps on the Hotmilk Radiance nursing bra are slightly cushioned and also lined with 100% cotton for a great, comfortable feel.  The full cup style is really great for keeping your breasts in check during the day and night by providing excellent coverage and support.  The last thing you want is for your boobs to fall out (the 4 boob look is not great for breastfeeding), and the full cup and the correct size keep this to a minimum.

Hotmilk makes you feel AMAZING!

I know from my own experience that being pregnant and having a baby can change the way you feel about your self image.  It can take a knock if you put on a few extra pounds (that you need to) during pregnancy, and when you are trying to lose that weight after the baby arrives (which can take time).  You also have a new baby to take care of and may not have as much time to spend on yourself.  You'll also find that your body changes and it may take time to be able to wear your "before baby" clothes.  You'll also have to think about nursing in your clothes, so you'll find yourself wearing the same clothes week after week because they are comfortable and accessible.  A beautiful set of lingerie that is comfortable to wear and functional for nursing is a great gift for a new Mum.  It can give that ego a boost and make you feel "you" again.

Hotmilk is Comfortable to Wear!

The materials used to make Hotmilk Lingerie and Clothing are specifically chosen to provide the utmost in comfort.  As I mentioned previously, the nursing bras are all lined in 100% cotton to make them as comfortable as possible.  Pregnancy and breastfeeding can result in sensitive breast tissue and nipples.  The last thing you want to wear is a nursing bra that makes this sensitivity worse.  The cotton modal used for the Hotmilk Shine nursing camisole is super soft against the skin, and the beaujolais is a really pretty colour for any pregnant or breastfeeding woman.  The straps widen as the sizes and cups increase to provide more gentle support on the shoulders.  Please read a review here.

Hotmilk is SEXY!

Hotmilk is SEXY!  Yes, you can feel and look sexy when you are pregnant or breastfeeding (or both).  The satin, lace and microfibre fabrics give great quality and finish to the lingerie, the diamante accents add just that little bit of bling, and you can even add a sexy nightie to the mix.

Hotmilk make Fabulous Matching Undies!

Hotmilk Luminous Nursing Bra (32-42 B-H) - £28.05* each
Something I missed when I had my first child was matching lingerie.  You just feel more put together when you have a matching bra and knicker set, and wear them on the same day of course.  I remember back to the first time I wore my Hotmilk matching lingerie and it was a revelation to me.  After having children you can let a go a little and stop worrying about what you are wearing because you have a baby to take care of, spit up and poop to clean up.  Even if you decide to wear this lingerie under your loungewear you will feel amazing, and it will bring back a twinkle to your eye.  You partner will LOVE it.

Hotmilk is not your usual breastfeeding lingerie!

Hotmilk is definitely like no breastfeeding lingerie you have ever worn before.
  • It has matching knickers
  • It is comfortable day and night
  • Your husband will be glad to see you in it
  • You won't ever be embarassed to be seen wearing it
  • It is great quality
  • It has bling
  • It'll make you feel a million dollars
  • It fits around your pregnancy bump
Basically...... There is no reason not to wear Hotmilk.

*prices are correct 31/01/12-14/02/12

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