Wednesday 20 March 2013

Casebournes - For Professionally Printed and Embroidered Garments

Last Fall, I applied and received a place in the Mumsclub area at The Baby Show London, Earls Court.  At about the same time I was also scheduled to appear at the Bluewater Baby Show in Kent, a Baby Show in Brighton and an NCT show in Croydon, so you may well imagine that it was a case of "All Hands on Deck!".

My Mother and I attended four shows in six weeks last Fall which seemed the perfect excuse to have some T-shirts printed with the BoobieMilk logo so I began to look for a local printing company.

I worked closely with a local printing company in the US and loved building the relationship and having the opportunity to touch and feel the garments before they were printed and to be able to support local business.

I started my search on Google, but I also asked on some local Facebook pages for personal recommendations and suggestions.  I had a quick response from a local Mum on Facebook who recommended a local family run business located just a short walk from my home.

Casebournes Ltd was established in 1930, and moved to its current location (near my home) in the village of Kemsing in 2008.  They do both embroidery work and garment printing for;

Large Organisations
Small Businesses

With no minimum order and a quick turnaround Mark had my T-shirts completed in no time at all.  I was even able to try them on before the printing was done to make sure we had the correct sizing.

The BoobieMilk logo colours really pop on the black fabric and we've definitely had good use out of them on our mammoth baby show marathon last Fall 2012.

I just love how they always get a second glance as people read the T-shirt, digest the information and then look again to make sure they read it correctly!

I look forward to working with Mark again on future projects.  I also encourage local Kent businesses and schools to think about this great local asset we have on our doorsteps for their future uniforms.

Here is a picture of my Mum wearing her BoobieMilk T-shirt at the Bluewater Baby Show Fall 2012.  BoobieMilk will be back at the Bluewater Baby Show in April (19-21) fitting and selling nursing bras and look forward to seeing some of you there.

Casebournes can be contacted through their website or use the following information;

Phone: 01732 763318
Address: Chaucer Business Park, Watery Lane, Kemsing, Kent TN15 6PW


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