Tuesday 29 May 2012

The many uses of nipple cream

Let me first of all say that I have no medical background and I'm not offering advice instead of a Doctor.  If you or your child is sick then you should consult your Doctor.

These are a few uses that I have found for nipple cream over the years, please add your own uses in the comments below -

1.  To soothe sore nipples (remember nipple cream isn't a cure, you should still seek help to make sure that the latch and position are as good as possible).

2.  As nappy rash cream.  My son never really had nappy rash, we used cloth but all of his friends at daycare had nappy rash all the time and the carers insisted that I provide something for them to apply after every change.  I gave them nipple cream and they stopped nagging me, they even complimented me on how it kept him free from rash!

3.  To soothe the itch of a mosquito bite.  There were lots of mosqitoes in Baltimore and they all lived in my garden.  After being bitten my entire limb would swell and it would itch like crazy.  A dab of nipple cream and the itch immediately went away.

4.  As a "magic cream" for every fall, scrape and bump involving my Son.  Everything was better after applying the "magic cream".

5.  Butt cream.  Apparently ( I don't ride so I cannot say for certain), when you ride a push bike a lot there can be chafing down below and when you run out of bikers butt paste the next best thing is nipple cream.

6.  Lip Balm.  We used to have samples at my old job and the staff would use it to moisten their lips.

As I said earlier, nipple cream is not a cure for sore nipples.  Do not apply nipple cream and expect all your problems to fade away.  If you have sore nipples there is probably a reason, and it can usually get better with a tweak in the position or attachment of the baby.  Take the opportunity to go to your local breastfeeding support group before it gets worse.  I have heard a rumour that you can get nipple cream on prescription if you can persuade your Doctor to write one, but don't forget you can use your own breastmilk to help soothe sore nipples.  Hand express a drop of milk, rub it on your nipple and air dry.

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  1. I was given a lovely pot of nipple cream as a gift. I used it for my cracked and dry hands. I'm constantly washing my hands now I have a toddler.

  2. Yes, that's a great one, we used to do that too because we wore gloves a lot. The cream companies should sell it to science labs!

  3. Really interesting, breasfeeding didn't work out for us first time, but will hopefully go better this time around x

  4. My favourite breastfeeding benefit is that it's such a convenient way to calm my baby down.

  5. no bottles and no sterilising.