Friday 12 August 2011

Pubs - The new meeting place for Mums and their newborns

This would never happen in the US, or maybe it does?

I remember a time when I lived in Boston and my Dad came to visit.  We were walking around the Faneuil Hall area and decided to stop into a pub for a drink around lunchtime.  We had plans for lunch so asked for a drink at the bar.  I swear they thought we were drunks by ordering drinks without food at lunchtime.

Well, fast forward 10 years (or so), and not only am I searching for friends on the internet "Mummy internet dating", but we all meet up with each other in the local pub.  You might laugh but it's true, Mummy's all over the UK are meeting with their babies down the local pub and it's a roaring trade.  The pubs sell hugely over priced coffee, and the Mums get some quality adult time.  I go to the local NCT coffee morning at The Bullfinch pub in Riverhead, Kent every other Tuesday and the place is usually heaving when I leave.  I think at the last count there were four different Mothers groups meeting there on Tuesday mornings.

Today I went the The Chaser in Shipbourne, Kent.  It wasn't so busy, but then you can't really walk there from many places.

The best thing about groups of Mums meeting in public places is that everyone breastfeeds with more confidence because they are not alone.  It's an informal support group, everyone sharing their experiences and stories.

Check out your local coffee mornings run by the NCT or start your own, it's the closest you'll get to a pub in a while with a newborn.

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  1. I never thought about meeting in a pub. Hmmm..we used to - for a while - meet at Starbucks which was alright. It just got too expensive and there;s not much space.

    I'll check out that NCT page again. I normally just browse for stuff. Thanks. :)


  2. I don't drink coffee, so I think that saves me a lot of money at these meetings. It wouldn't surprise me if the next place to hold a coffee morning is McDonald's, it has comfy chairs and cheap coffee. I save money by drinking squash, but even that is getting more expensive in the pub costing me anything from 45p to £1.90!

  3. Ew, McD...I might've been a regular back when I was 15 but I'm so over it...

    Still haven't managed to check the NCT page :( but have been to an Arnica UK meeting and it was lovely. We're planning another for the end of January.

    Oh, you could ask for hot water and take your own tea bag. :) That's what I do when we go for coffee after Parkrun on Saturdays. Cost me nothing.


  4. That's a great tip, reminds me of being back in school and taking my own spritis into clubs to save money. Sorry I couldn't make the meeting, looking forward to the next one though.